Senator Spotlight: Dolores Sinistaj

Meet Dolores, a PTCD and IR senior! Dolores is a senator on the IR caucus and the Social Programming committee and her favorite ice cream flavor is Strawberry! To make this summer the #BestJMCSummer, Dolores headed across the Atlantic to intern in Dublin, Ireland. Check out what she had to say about her experience!

Dolores: I spent this summer interning in Dublin, Ireland for Transparency International, which is a global organization dedicated to stopping corruption worldwide. I worked in the legal area of the organization under a solicitor, known as a lawyer in the states. Although living in Dublin enabled me to do a ton of traveling throughout Europe to places such as: London, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich etc. the most exciting part of my summer is how much professional experience and knowledge I acquired. I was given my own clients and had to track their cases, helping them along the way. For the first time I was able to read legal documents and analyze them, brief lawyers on cases before meetings, and was even given the opportunity to meet the Supreme Court Justice of Ireland, Susan Denham. This field experience not only taught me about European cultures and the legal systems/law, but also about the kind of career and future I envision for myself. Thanks JMC!


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