Senator Spotlight: Leon Hister

In our first Senator Spotlight, we focus on Leon Hister, a Social Relations and Policy and Theater sophomore serving in our SRP Caucus and our University, Community and Alumni Relations Committee Chairman. Our JMCSS summer hashtag has been #BestJMCSummer, so check out below what made Leon’s summer the #BestJMCSummer!

Leon: Woah, the most exciting thing I did this summer was to have studied in Amsterdam (hommage to “Pretty Hurts”, thanks Bey). The topic was gender identity and sexual politcs, so a better place could not have been chosen to host the program. It was quite the experience becoming an Amsterdamer: eating on the canals, enjoying quality coffee at the cafes, and adopting their relaxed demeaner. The travels didn’t stop there either! We went to the Dutch countryside to Brussels to see the European Union. And, of course, some crazy shenanigans there in the Dam!

Make sure to check back to the blog for another Senator Spotlight!


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