Senator Spotlight: Dolores Sinistaj

Meet Dolores, a PTCD and IR senior! Dolores is a senator on the IR caucus and the Social Programming committee and her favorite ice cream flavor is Strawberry! To make this summer the #BestJMCSummer, Dolores headed across the Atlantic to intern in Dublin, Ireland. Check out what she had to say about her experience!

Dolores: I spent this summer interning in Dublin, Ireland for Transparency International, which is a global organization dedicated to stopping corruption worldwide. I worked in the legal area of the organization under a solicitor, known as a lawyer in the states. Although living in Dublin enabled me to do a ton of traveling throughout Europe to places such as: London, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich etc. the most exciting part of my summer is how much professional experience and knowledge I acquired. I was given my own clients and had to track their cases, helping them along the way. For the first time I was able to read legal documents and analyze them, brief lawyers on cases before meetings, and was even given the opportunity to meet the Supreme Court Justice of Ireland, Susan Denham. This field experience not only taught me about European cultures and the legal systems/law, but also about the kind of career and future I envision for myself. Thanks JMC!


Senator Spotlight: Leon Hister

In our first Senator Spotlight, we focus on Leon Hister, a Social Relations and Policy and Theater sophomore serving in our SRP Caucus and our University, Community and Alumni Relations Committee Chairman. Our JMCSS summer hashtag has been #BestJMCSummer, so check out below what made Leon’s summer the #BestJMCSummer!

Leon: Woah, the most exciting thing I did this summer was to have studied in Amsterdam (hommage to “Pretty Hurts”, thanks Bey). The topic was gender identity and sexual politcs, so a better place could not have been chosen to host the program. It was quite the experience becoming an Amsterdamer: eating on the canals, enjoying quality coffee at the cafes, and adopting their relaxed demeaner. The travels didn’t stop there either! We went to the Dutch countryside to Brussels to see the European Union. And, of course, some crazy shenanigans there in the Dam!

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Let’s Go Home

It’s almost that time of year again. A time when the trees start to turn yellow and red, the Spartan Stadium lights turn back on, and our minds start to prepare for another year of stimulation and knowledge.

It’s time to go back to school.

And while most people dread this, I find myself getting more and more excited by the minute. Coming back to school in James Madison College is a whole new adventure. We learn from different professors, try different subjects, and most importantly, continue to strengthen our Madison community.

I’m also excited to head back to Case Hall because I can be a part of the James Madison College Student Senate. Serving as a senator both in the Freshmen Caucus and the Comparative Cultures and Politics caucus have made my first two years at Michigan State incredible. I feel this way because I can have a hand in making other Madisonian’s college experience that much better.

And we’re ready to start again.

With our new tax, we look forward to not only continue providing thought provoking and fun programming, but increase it! Expect programs coming from all four of our major caucuses, our Freshmen caucus (when it’s elected in the fall), and our four committees! We are brewing up some great ideas, new spirit wear, and other great ways to make James Madison College feel like home. We are also gearing up for more social media, and our brand spankin’ new blog is part of that! Make sure to give us a follow and also check out our three main social media sites, listed in the menu at the top of the blog!

We call Case Hall and JMC our home, and everyone has their own reason as to why that is. Maybe it was the location of your first 4.0 on a paper. Maybe it was where you met your best friend. Maybe it was where you discovered what you wanted to do with the rest of your life. Whatever it is, we cannot wait to welcome you back.

Rock on Madisonians!

-Nate Strauss

JMCSS Public Relations Chairman

Comparative Cultures and Politics Caucus Senator